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20+ Years Designing Interiors

Rock House Design is a Sonoma County based interior design firm specializing in creating clean, uncluttered and warm environments for both custom residential and commercial interiors.

We are frequently asked what our design aesthetic is.  We respect design trends but years of experience have taught us to think for ourselves and bring a unique perspective. As you scroll through our portfolio you will note how each project has their own look but the running theme is creating original, personal, clean, uncluttered and warm environments specific to the clients design intentions.

RHD prides itself on bringing to each project a strong network of collaborating professionals, formed through 20+ years of practice, to include builders and artisans who share our vision.

We aim to deliver a high level of design and service while translating their client’s vision into a reality through their collective technical expertise and responsive project management.

Lauren Brandwein

I look back on the twenty plus years of my career and ask myself, like so many who have honed their craft, what keeps me moving forward?
I learned the art of interior architecture and design at the Interior Institute of San Diego. Post-graduation, I spent the first five years working with some of the most seasoned and prestigious designers and architects in the field.  It was with them that I learned to be focused and methodical.  My experiences during those years prepared me to take the risk and go forth on my own.
I started Lauren Brandwein Design in 2003. I prided myself on bringing a high level of detailed precision to my work and built strong relationships with industry partners and clients.  It was an honor to be trusted by clients for whom I designed beautiful custom homes and community supportive businesses.
I feel that some of my greatest strengths are being present, enabling me to problem solve, think on my feet, practice restraint, edit, and bring cohesively timeless style to my clients.  I’m proud to be in an industry that challenges me and brings comfort and beauty into people’s lives.
In 2019, I rebranded and changed, not just the business name and logo, but looked at what inspires us at Rock House Design.  At RHD, we want to bring to you what is exciting to us.  The process of whether it’s space planning from the ground up or a remodel that needs an overhaul is just the start.  We work with the project team to bring the design story to fruition from start through installation.  Design is methodical and, at the same time, spontaneous. 
After so many years, it’s still a joy to continue on this journey with you!
Lauren Brandwein

Principal & Designer

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